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Business in the front Spaceship Party in BACK!

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Suede Metal-Heel Pumps $650 at Saks… Just Luscious!!!!


MIUSD – MIx it Up Style Diversity

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Being diverse is for the most part always a positive thing in life. Diversity opens you to a world of options. In the case of your wardrobe there is no difference. Having a diverse wardrobe opens a range of style possibilities.

Have you ever worn an outfit that you’ve worn 50 times before, the same exact way and you thought yikes! I’m so boring…?

Style diversity helps you not get bored or stuck with your look. It’s great if you have a particular trend or style that you like however it’s not great if you only wear black or you only wear button down shirts, or you only wear jeans. That’s definitely BORING…

Here are some ways to self diagnose if you have a boring, humdrum, monotonous wardrobe:

1) Open your closet and stand back about 5 feet so you have a good view.

2) Really look at the contents of your closet from left to right. Slowly gaze at every item.

3) What do you see? Is every item on repeat? alot of Black ?alot of jeans?alot of flip flops? alot of t-shirts? alot of the same!

Diagnosis: You are in a style rut.

Remedy: Stretch yourself

When I say stretch yourself  I mean stretch your idea of what you think looks good on you.

Stretch you idea of what you think someone your age should wear (with reason of course).

If you don’t have even one dress in your closet it’s time to buy a dress (2 best styles to try would be a wrap dress at the knee or slightly above the knee and a classic sheath dress at the knee)

If you have 30 dark blue denim jeans “Houston we have a problem” ! Try a lighter wash of blue or even a gray jean.

If you never wear jewelry try to incorporate a long link chain, hoop earrings, or a brooch.

Try and pair items together that you would not normally wear together. Even if it’s a different bag or hoops instead of studs.

You don’t have to totally reinvent the wheel either you can use pieces you already have to look at pairing them in a different way. Pair a dress with a blazer, belt a around a billowy top, pull out that red pocket book you haven’t worn in a while. Mix it up! Give yourself options…