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Royally Underwhelmed???….Did you want more?

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So all the Royal mania has come to a close…Scones, marmalade, crumpets anyone..??.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton looked fresh faced and poised indeed in her Sarah Burton (House of Alexander McQueen) wedding gown but I was simply left underwhelmed. I do like simple effortless elegance but I felt the Princess was too understated. I would have liked to have seen a tad more GLAM developed in her look. Even her hair was the same as she’s always worn. I was royally underwhelmed.  I was also left with a question mark about why her lady in waiting, Pippa Middleton was donned in Ivory???? Who’s the bride here???

What charmed me dearly about this affair was the obvious kind genuine care and love the Prince and Princess seemed to share with each other by simply glancing at each other and lightly smiling from time to time. They really are a cute pair!

Some of the Royal guest made more of a fashionable impression than the bride. HONORABLE MENTIONS go to my FAV stylish couple, The Beckhams…David and Victoria…looking ever so svelte… I heart these two royally.

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge starting a new and amazing journey together! We should all be so lucky to meet our very own Prince and Princess…


Designer Spotlight: JYPSEA

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HAPPY EARTH DAY! Look chic while being eco-friendly!

Are you looking for a few NEW ECO- LUXE eclectic accessories this spring ? Check out (pronounced gypsy)

Jypsea designer,  Meca McKinney  creates accessories from her NJ-based studio primarily from recycled leather and exotic skins from found garments.  McKinney’s credo “I simply believe that luxurious, hand-made, well-designed accessories can also be environmentally-friendly and affordable”

McKinney’s handmade custom clutches are priced at $75 and up. Her diverse collection also includes finger less gloves, unique necklaces, cuffs, and beautiful totes.

You can find Meca’s pieces on her website: and on

Ms. McKinney also just released a new book entitled ENVISION: The Young Accessory Designer’s Guide to Collection Development.


Nude Obsession: the NEUTRAL OF NOW

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GET IT NOW ladies if you haven’t already. This NEW NUDE staple is an instant refresher to your look. The great thing about this trend is that it’s AGELESS!  20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond…

That outfit you were thinking of pairing with BLACK shoes…THiNK AGAIN…instead put on a NUDE PAIR of PUMPS or SANDALS and Voilà! insta-MATIC Style UpGRAdE!

WHETHER you can handle HIGHER heels or you FANCY FLATS get in on this TREND

But for those of you who dare this NUDE sheer tie SANDAL is right up your alley way…


Sally Hansen NAIL STICKERS- $8.95 A friend of mine tried these and it looks great like salon grade and there are a plethora of designs to choose from.

Put your Foot In IT FRIDAY’S

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I am drooling over these Christian Louboutin booties…if these don’t scream spring sailing I don’t know what does. It’s like a button down shirt on your feet. I LUV it !!!:

Hard As Nails: FAB Nail Colors for Spring 2011

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YOU SCREAM I SCREAM WE ALL SCREAM for Ice Cream Colored Nail Polish Tones!…Minty Greens,  Powdery Lilacs, and Creamy Blues. These new colors are popping up in a nail salon near you.

I really like the coolness  of this minty greenish/blue…it looks REFRESHING

Loving Lilac … a light Lilac almost becomes a complimentary neutral…

Purple/ Pop-Up Blue Ocean

Going NUDE on your NAIL BED is  OH SOOO SEXY this Spring


Last Wednesday I tried the Gel nail polish from Shellac. The nail technician said it would last for 14 days so I could not pass it up.  Almost a full week in and I  must say it holds up remarkably. Absolutely no smudge, no chip, no scratch. If you’re short on  time like me but love your nails to look freshly manicured try a gel manicure. $35

The LONG Skirt Trend: Friend, Foe, or Frenemy

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Longer hemlines are being thrown into the mix for the next 2 seasons which totally scares the BeGeezes out of me. This is a trend that has much room for error!  There is ample possibility to look frumpy and dumpy and no one needs to see that.

This Long skirt trend is mostly an ENEMY to most of us ladies (myself included). Fashion is a wonderful thing but sometimes it requires a DISCLAIMER. NOT EVERY TREND is meant for everyone. BEWARE….Unless you’re 5’7 and super svelte…

This is a PFA…(Public Fashion Announcement)