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Get PUMPed on a Friday!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 7, 2011 by amstylearchitect

Gotta build those calf muscles ladies and you DON”T need to go to the gym to do it. Every girl should have at least 2  killer pumps. 1 pair that’ s jaw dropping like a secret weapon (Think freak-um dress on your feet) and 1 pair that is a staple (feels like a neutral). Don’t get me wrong my closet contains several of these PUMPS but I think every woman should have AT LEAST these 2 ESSENTIALS.

My kind of work out….Here are some I think that would definitely be worthy additions. These are sure to get you PUMPed

Let’s start with a light WARM-UP that would be a great staple:

Jimmy Choo Cosmic PUMP

Is your HEART RATE PUMPING YET? If not, I hope these Louboutin Maggie PUMPs help …

These are SO HOT they’re named after a Greek God… Dante PUMP….Any shoe that makes your TOE CLEAVAGE sexy IS an ABSOLUTE WINNER! Feel the Burn…

I heart the flesh version too here’s a peek:

Whooo I don’t know about you but that was a great workout for me…You did SO WELL with this work out here’s a teeny BONUS (These will instantly make you look better in your jeans I guarantee) :

Brian Atwood snakeskin leather PUMP


2011…A Year to Sparkle*

Posted in Uncategorized on January 4, 2011 by amstylearchitect

This is the year for YOU to come out blazing…A lot women often ask me why are you always dressed up? How come you always put a little extra into your outfits? My answer: Because it makes ME feel good.

Make THIS year THE year that EVERY single DAY you walk out of your home YOU LOOK GOOD and FEEL GOOD! Add one piece of  ‘Sparkle‘ to your clothing repertoire NOW

Silver/ Metal/Shine/ Sparkle

Get the Sparkle…