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Are You On FIRE Yet?!

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Don’t Be Afraid Ladies…

RED is your friend. There is a reason why Fire trucks are RED. It’s because RED commands attention, it says to onlookers…”Here I AM, TAKE A LOOK”

Don’t be scared to insert RED into your wardrobes this fall…Here are some pieces to get you excited about what ROCKIN” RED can do for you…

Michael Kors Boucle Dress

Ring the Alarm with these Christian LouBoutin Passmentarie Open Toes

Ok,  so maybe you’re not ready to ring the alarm all the way and become a full on SIREN you can still try small doses of  ‘FIRE’. Add RED to your accessories!

Even painting your nails RED or trying a skin tone appropriate shade of RED lipstick can be a nice addition to rev up your look

Here’s to a FIERY FALL…



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For those of you that get simply ‘gaga’ (no pun intended) for hot new fashion check out these pieces that will make you drool:

This Alexander McQueen knit chain dress is the perfect statement piece. This dress can multi-task for the office or a cocktail party. Luv it!

Brian Atwood has really lit a match with these Harrison Chained pumps in matte and patent leather. Imagine slipping your feet into these puppies…They evoke a certain sleekness, sexiness, power, edginess.  I am really panting over the patent leather ones though… HOT!


And Last but not least because there is always something Hotter around the corner…

I like this Derek Lam leather and chiffon skirt because it is a good marriage of soft and hard materials co-existing producing a refreshing edgy piece. It’s like a yin and yang  garment. Pair this with knee high boots and you ready to knock ’em out.

I’m always on the look out for HOT pieces that will light your wardrobes on fire…

Plaid Dimensions

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As summer is furiously wrapping up we’re all thinking about what’s next with our wardrobes, right?

This year plaid has made a big comeback in both women and men’s fashion. Good news for us because plaids can take us through this upcoming fall/winter season. Plaids are great because it’s a fabric that allows style flexibility. Plaids can be sophisticated preppy, urban grunge, or country chic depending on how you style it.

Things to consider when rocking plaids:

1) DO play with different colored plaids

2) DO break-up plaids—head to toe plaid doesn’t translate well  Ready To Wear

3) DO anchor your plaid look with a solid color like black