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MIUSD – MIx it Up Style Diversity

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Being diverse is for the most part always a positive thing in life. Diversity opens you to a world of options. In the case of your wardrobe there is no difference. Having a diverse wardrobe opens a range of style possibilities.

Have you ever worn an outfit that you’ve worn 50 times before, the same exact way and you thought yikes! I’m so boring…?

Style diversity helps you not get bored or stuck with your look. It’s great if you have a particular trend or style that you like however it’s not great if you only wear black or you only wear button down shirts, or you only wear jeans. That’s definitely BORING…

Here are some ways to self diagnose if you have a boring, humdrum, monotonous wardrobe:

1) Open your closet and stand back about 5 feet so you have a good view.

2) Really look at the contents of your closet from left to right. Slowly gaze at every item.

3) What do you see? Is every item on repeat? alot of Black ?alot of jeans?alot of flip flops? alot of t-shirts? alot of the same!

Diagnosis: You are in a style rut.

Remedy: Stretch yourself

When I say stretch yourself  I mean stretch your idea of what you think looks good on you.

Stretch you idea of what you think someone your age should wear (with reason of course).

If you don’t have even one dress in your closet it’s time to buy a dress (2 best styles to try would be a wrap dress at the knee or slightly above the knee and a classic sheath dress at the knee)

If you have 30 dark blue denim jeans “Houston we have a problem” ! Try a lighter wash of blue or even a gray jean.

If you never wear jewelry try to incorporate a long link chain, hoop earrings, or a brooch.

Try and pair items together that you would not normally wear together. Even if it’s a different bag or hoops instead of studs.

You don’t have to totally reinvent the wheel either you can use pieces you already have to look at pairing them in a different way. Pair a dress with a blazer, belt a around a billowy top, pull out that red pocket book you haven’t worn in a while. Mix it up! Give yourself options…


Lace It Up!

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When you think lace you’re probably thinking fru-fru, maybe granny or old but think again.

Lace is hot again. Think sexy, feminine, with and nouveau edge…

Lace is a tantalizing fabric…It’s like giving ’em a little leg and taking right back… If you know what I mean.

If you’re shy about donning an all lace garment go for lace trimmings. It’s a great way to get this look into you wardrobe

Here are (3) cleaner crisper ways to wear lace:

If you’re looking to incorporate lace into your day time look try a top like the one pictured below under a blazer

or you if you’re the more edgy adventurous kind these jeans should be right up your alley

Accessories are also a great way to sneak a little sexy lace into your day wear. The pumps below are a great example— pair them with slacks or a skirt suit for the office or even jeans and a little camisole — instant feminine chic…

I leave you with this last word about wearing lace. Please don’t O.D.,  a little lace goes a long way…Afterall you don’t want to look like a curtain.

Say No to Overpacking and Yes! to Stylish Weightless Packing

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I absolutely LOVE to travel. I would go away every weekend if I had the opportunity.  These days most people see traveling as a hassle because of all the extra security, restrictions, and delays that have been implemented by the TSA.   I have (3) simple steps to make your vaca packing s stress-less process. I have mastered the art of what I call stylish weightless packing.

Step 1) It’s all in your mind. Challenge your mind on how many items you think you need to be comfortable then remove at least (2) from your suitcase.

This is the most important step to this process. Changing your mindset. You’re probably reading this thinking What? my mind? doesn’t it start with my suitcase? NO… think about it… when you have an upcoming trip how many of you start wondering about what you’re going to take with you?  It’s all in your mind. You look at your clothes and think I want to take everything in my closest so that when I get to my final destination I’ll feel like I never left home. You never know what I’ll need so I’ll take it all. Wrong!… Why go on vacation then?

Most people barely use 65% of what they pack  so that means you could have been 35% lighter from the onset.  Take something out of that suitcase now!

Step 2) Get a smaller more light weight bag/carry-on

If your bag is smaller you’ll carry less and trust me you’ll be happier. If you are packing for a 4 or 5 day trip you use a compact carry on and maybe an over the shoulder bag or pocket book. Consider these:

3 days…

Try a bag this size for  a weekend or over night trip.

Look for something that is recognizable with personality. Perhaps a bright distinct color or unusual pattern.

Step 3) Pack stylish essential pieces. Let me repeat that, stylish ESSENTIAL pieces

Be specific when packing. Pack with intent. Don’t just throw in random pieces you think you might want to wear.

For a hot weather vaca lets say for 5 days here are some pieces that are best to pack:

(3) Dresses at least one should be for an evening out but they should all make you feel sexy

(2) Shorts OR skirts

(5) Tops – Mix and Match with your shorts

(3) Bathing suits

(2) Pairs of flat sandals

(1) Pair of evening sandals

(1) Clutch – gold (not too yellow) or silver metallic is usually good because it compliments most outfits

A Note on Accessories

They are an absolute must: In a clear zip lock bag pack at (2) pairs of chandelier earrings, (1) pair of hoops  (2) chains (preferably long) and if you’re into rings throw a couple in there too.

Tip: Wear your chandelier earrings or hoops with your bikini to the pool. You will feel instantly glamorous.

Wear this on the flight:A cami, halter, or billowy blouse with a light sweater. Always wear long pants with a pair of cute wedges when traveling preferably dark (could be jeans, or leggings) because it’s always chilly on the aircraft and with tight quarters in flight things always spill you don’t want to look like dirty before you get there. Change the top but wear the same pants back home with the same wedges which gives you an extra pair of shoes and outfit that you don’t have to pack.

With these ESSENTIAL pieces not only will you be lighter while traveling but you’ll be more stylish. Remember less is more and More is way too much.

Happy Packing!


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Now that it’s warm again and our toes are peeking out of our boots for a full transition into spring/summer consider getting a pair of wedges.

A cute pair of peep-toe wedges can compliment most casual outfits in the summer. There are a variety of styles and materials to chose from espadrille tie,  side buckle, crossed buckle, canvas, cloth, or patent leather.

For those of you scared of heels this is why wedges are PERFECT for you. Walking in a stacked platform heel you’ll feel like you’re walking in flats. It’s a happy medium.

Wear them with what? you ask?

Shorts, knee length or shorter skirts, maxi dresses if it’s floor length and you need a boost, or jeans.

Where to wear them? To the office?

Unless your office is uber-casual summer wedges are really not for the office. Perhaps you may be able to get away with it on a ‘Summer Friday‘  or under long wide-leg jeans but don’t push your luck. If you work in a very corporate environment  wedges are a definite no-go leave them for after work or the weekends.

Find them where?

There are great options at every price point from Coach to Target. You can also try Marshalls, Steve Madden, T.J. Maxx, Nordstroms…

Get Wedged today

Chained Love

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Spruce up a straight laced  outfit with chains.

Don’t be afraid to pile them on…Mr. T style… (“I Pity the Fool…”)

Don’t be afraid to mix and match – gold, silver, pearls

Pearls are a great starting point…

Definitely wear different lengths –short/ long/ mid-length…Dress up any look with chains even a casual t-shirt. Don’t be afraid to layer your chains for daytime looks it will give instant edgeness…