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Get Boyish…

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I love wearing masculine pieces but making them girlie. This requires finesse.  The most important part of pulling off this look is fit, fit, fit. What makes a woman a woman is her  shape be careful not to lose that. Though I’m telling you to walk on the masculine side I want you to remember your femininity. Notice below how well these pieces fit. Also on an overall style tip it’s best to keep your hair and make-up soft and very feminine as well to balance the look.

Oxfords are a great way to add a light touch of men’s garb in your wardrobe. Very Cute with shorts for those lazy Saturday/Sunday brunches…

Get a boyfriend or better yet get a BoYFRiend BlaZer … because the blazer is over-sized always pair with something fitted a tank, shorts, fitted mini, skinny jeans….never wear all baggy with this blazer it will not be flattering…

Go for the tux edges…super sharp and clean…

Suspenders are iffy for some but can look great if done well…

A few last words on pulling off this look:

— You gotta love playing with the boys but you don’t want to be mistaken for   one of them —Remember Fit! Fit! Fit!

–Have fun with ties, vests, and suspenders

–Most importantly…Remember your femininity with accessories add layered pearls, keep your hair soft, wear a big ring, add 1 or 2 brooches …


Fresh Sleek Whites

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For this spring/summer season we already discussed the light pastel palattes that are trending.  I am really feeling white, ercu, and nudes. Think milky white. You can’t go with a crisp white shirt and sheath dress. A great white bermuda short with a tailored jacket and cute sandal or peep toe pump is a great new outfit to add to you spring/summer look.

Insert a Sexy White Clean and well fitted dress. Accessorize with gold, silver, or a pop of color in your shoes, or clutch.

You can’t go wrong with a white pair of fitted jeans. Get it NOW…

Every person— man, woman, or child needs a crisp white shirt. Don’t just pull it out for those interviews folks. Get your white button down out of that suit.  Fitted or baggy pair your white shirt with shorts, jeans or a cute mini-skirt. This is a great look for a brunch. Be playful with it.

Consider a white blazer. It’s a great closet staple. Simple chic for spring/summer…

A few notes about wearing white:

1) Be sure not to wear dingy whites. Don’t be afraid to chuck a piece that has clearly been over worn. You don’t need to buy super expensive because whites do tend to turn after a season of wear.

2) White pants and skirts can be tricky. Beware of underwear lines that can  make you instantly look tacky. Please DO NOT under any circumstances wear print or pattern underwear.   PLEASE DO WEAR nudes or skin tone matching thongs.    I am against boy shorts only because they can cut across the butt cheeks on some body types and become unsightly. Who needs to look at that? Too much room for error. When in doubt forget about the boy short… With skirts you also have the option of wearing a slip.

Wear something white tomorrow!….

Easy Sailing…

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A great trend that everyone can incorporate in their wardrobe for spring is sailing/yacht wear. This look is sharp, crisp, and clean. You can dress it up or keep it super casual – Navy, White, and Red  ‘anchor’  this look.

Making this work look work is very easy. Look for pieces with great buttons and structured edges. Lines—Vertical or horizontal fat block  or spaghetti skinny lines

Be careful not be over done.  Keep it chic and effortless ….

As always accesories are key to completing any look. They also serve as a way to try out a certain trend but not jump in all the way.

These sandals are a perfect example of that…

Strongly encourage you to try a version of this trend in your wardrobe. This is not a fleeting trend. It’s a traditional rewind trend that always looks fresh…

Got Booties?…

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After all that precipitation I think our toes are ready to peek out…

This spring  great booties will help you you give a little leg and take it right back. The peek-a-boo effect of an open toe booties can give you a sexy, trendy  look. Here are some great options for your wardrobe:

These sexy L.A.M.B Ramsey peep toe booties are just perfect for day or evening wear. Pair with a black dress and blazer for the office or a mini in the evening!

If you’re looking for something a little extra these snazzy silver Christian Louboutin booties will instantly take any Saturday night jeans and tank top look to the next level:

I love and have these booties in my collection it has a bit of added hardware which gives just enough edge:

Lastly here are a few quick points to remember when wearing your new peep toe booties:

1) Make sure that your ankles are not drowning.                                                 Those of us (including me) who have very slender ankles may have a harder time finding great bootie  options so take the time to find a pair that truly fits your ankle or be prepared to go swimming.

2) Don’t get too trendy.                                                                                                         The super duper bedazzled bootie may look fab on the red carpet at the Grammys but it won’t translate well into your everyday looks.

3) Please get a pedicure.                                                                                                        Some ladies think— well only (2) toes are actually showing so a pedicure isn’t really necessary …Trust me it’s me it’s necessary. No one wants to see a couple of you cruddy toes hanging out.

4) No Cliff Hangers.. Hanging Toes.                                                                            Please make sure that your toes are not hanging out of your booties or (2) inches ahead of your step.