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Denim Love

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It’s hard to say denim is a NEW trend because it’s always had a staple place in all of our closets as a go-to item in jeans. The newness of the trend is denim on denim. This can be either very fresh or very, very stale and cheesy. If you’re going to attempt this look please proceed with caution.

Here we have fresh and edgy denim on denim.

This Chloe look is an example of (d on d) going terribly wrong. It’s sloppy, it’s slouchy, ill-fitting and the patch work just doesn’t work. The R. Lauren newsboy ensemble is the right way to pull-off  denim on denim. It’s funky, Chic, and wearable.

The best thing about denim is it’s versatility. That’s why we love it. Denim comes in so many different fades, washes and treatments that it allows us to dress it up or down. This vest is a great cold wash that can help you mix it up.

If you’re not sold on the (d on d look) accessories are a great way to inject this trend into your wardrobe.                  These boots are a great stylish way to do that.

I simply had to throw these pumps in for your viewing pleasure because they had me absolutely drooling.

Don’t you just LOVE them? Dolce & Gabbana Denim Leopard Print Pumps, $595

Lastly, a  great denim bag like this one can help you double up your Denim look…


Don’t let It Rain On Your Style Parade

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Don’t let inclement weather cramp your style.  You can wear your pumps without getting wet. Try these on for size…They’re called Shuella:

Umbrellas..A A..A..can be party of you signature– they can be funky, preppy, girly,playful, or sassy…Aside from the functionality of your umbrella it can also serve as an extension of your style and look…On a rainy day grabbing a bright colored or unique parapluie (umbrella) may be just the thing to brighten your day…

As a tip when it rains try not to wear long pants as you will always be soaked when you get to your final destination and no one enjoys being soggy and cold while sitting indoors.                                                                                                                  

I recommend wearing skirts or dresses with knee high boots when it rains. Once  indoors you will be thankful you won’t have to deal with damp feet.

Last rainy day tip: Suede and the Rain a Big NO-NO.

Never,  and I mean never wear suede boots or fur like materials when there is percipation it can ruin your item (unless there was a spontaneous rain shower and you couldn’t help it). The moisture can cause horrible stains, leaving water marks  or cause  smells.

Command a Second Look in Glam Fatigues

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Glam fatigues are just the thing you need for your closet. It’s structured, it’s Sexy, it’s Smart, It’s Rough and It’s Raw.

Most people have some form of an army jacket, cargo pant, or t-shirt in their closet. Pull them out brush them off and glam them up. Dress it up or dress it down. Belt it or Add a brooch —The key to making military look fresh is pairing it with soft. Softer fabrics that would not normally thought of as a perfect match. Try a khaki colored sateen pencil skirt with a belted fatigue jacket for the office. It will instantly freshen up your look!

Fairwell Mr. McQueen

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Many will blog or tweet about Alexander McQueen’s shockingly tragic end today.

I just want to pay homage to his indelible creative genius:

Mr. McQueen created artistic masterpieces that brought drama, whimsy, playfulness but most importantly cutting-edge forward thinking  to the runway. He not only thought outside the box, he CRUSHED the box…He raised the volume up in the fashion world by massive decibels.  His pieces have a clear voice that will be heard for years to come…

Sheer Bliss…Pale Hues

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Embark on an early trip towards Spring …lighten your wardrobe colors. I know, I know with constant gloomy skies and snow storms it’s hard not to dress in all black . Push past it people and shed some light on your winter wardrobe. This spring will showcase lots of pale hues… I’m loving the pale pinks, light tans, off whites, and blueish grays. Pale colored blazers or camis are a good way to liven your look.

I love the sleekness of black nail polish that has been all the rage this past season but it’s time to let it go.Consider a flush of powdery pink or nude toned ongles (nails) to freshen up your hands.

It’s in the little details where your look will be impacted . Try Essie’s new spring line- Lilacism, neo-whimsical, or pop art pink…lilacism, pop art pink and neo whimsical

What’s your style autograph?

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I went to dinner with friends last night and there was a certain famous Anthrax drummer in the room. My friend (the fan) was frozen solid so I offered to get his autograph which he graciously supplied.

The experience got me thinking about signature looks– what I call:  ‘style autographs’. What makes you memorable when you exit a room? Is it a brooch, sky high pumps, a scarf, adorned gloves, a bag or a fedora hat? Signature pieces are an important component to any wardrobe. It’s a unique display of your personality shining through.

I love rings, usually big, unique rings that can stand alone. I enjoy looking at them; they are like artwork to me. My rings even become a conversation piece. Let’s face it a plain dress or pant suit is nothing without accessories to breathe life into it.

If you don’t yet have a signature piece think about ways you can inject personality into your overall look. The idea is to be simple, tasteful, and unique. For the less adventourous, you can start with something small like a brushed metallic or red wallet. It’s a practical item that gets lots of use and become a signature article. It’s a great way to introduce a bit of fun.