Obsessing …and in love for Fall…

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This bootie has all the best ingredients for fall 2012: blood stained, suede, and patent leather…Scrumptious fashion goodness!

Alejandro Ingelmo Open Toe Platform Booties – Origami High Heel PRICE: $825.00


Statement Collars for Fall: Not Just for Fido

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Kiki Bon Mot

I happen to be a huge fan of neck bling! I have three really chunky statement necklaces I wear the crap out of. I am so likely to be seen wearing one on any given day that whenever I meet my Mom for brunch I get the whole “you’re wearing that thing again?”

My pieces range from tribal to sculptural and to me the bolder, chunkier and shinier, the better! One of these is actually modeled after armor chest plates but it never fails to garner crazy compliments…especially when the rest of my outfit is more understated.

I’m currently crushing on Ruffian’s signature collars for Fall. Taking it one step further, Ruffian dazzles with bejeweled necklaces that resemble a collared shirt…except minus the shirt part. I really love the Peter Pan-like collar necklace studded with pearls or beads. Its just so unexpected and lady-like with a dash of edge.


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Get Pinned this Fall!…How to Brooch the Subject.

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Ladies, brooches are not just your GRANNIES go to…it should be YOURS TOO! When most women think of brooches they think of a woman of a certain age however brooches are a must have accessory for women of all ages.

Brooches instantly ‘class up’ your look. There  is something truly lady-like and dainty about a brooch. It’s a fantastic way to elevate your outfit. You don’t have to  feel limited to placing them on your lapel either…

– Clasp it to your necklaces

– Center one on your collar

– Group them together in 2’s and 3’s

-Pin them unto your scarves

-Add it to your outerwear

– Embellish your clutches

Here are some reasonably priced brooches with a certain je ne sais quoi :

Plume Brooch $20.40 (On Sale at Stella & Dot)

I am a Joan Ranger! and I love her poppy brooch … picture it on your black dress or blazer…

Joan Rivers Pave’ Poppy Brooch $128.40 at QVC

This unique Carolee Bottle pin is fun, funky and chic. It spices up any flat-lined look…

Carolee 40th Anniversary Perfume Bottle Pin $95 Bloomingdale’s

My favorite place to find brooches are those random thrift shops where you know the pieces have had a previous life before you’ve become its’ owner. Hope you’ll try getting ‘pinned’ this fall ladies…

WUnderful Spring 2012 Looks

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Loving the peek-a-boo sexy day to evening looks Jason Wu presented at NYFW Spring 2012

Business in the front Spaceship Party in BACK!

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Suede Metal-Heel Pumps $650 at Saks… Just Luscious!!!!

Alex and Ani

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Really amped for for my Alex and Ani in-store VIP event … Can’t wait to check out some new pieces …

Loving this Alex and Ani Spike of Courage Expandable Wire Bangle – Russian Gold

KA-POW! Back to FALL TRENDS 2012

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Summer 2012 breezed right through our lives…

….and here we again in SEPTEMBER.

With COLD weather swiftly on the way all we can do is look good!

Here are 4  fall trends to consider…

WINE STAINED LIPS—Rapper ‘Young Rupunzel’ landed herself a namesake MAC lip stick  for  fall 2012

Young Rupunzel MAC Lipstick

BROCADE— screams historical luxe

Cynthia Rowley $420


   LEATHER —a plethora of Colors and Shapes to play with

Monique L’huillier Swingy Leather Dress $2,790

BROOCHES —-Not just for your Granny

Carolee Peacock Pin $95